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Make Your Packaging Work Hard, to Earn More

Updated: Jan 25

By Vrishali Kekre Deshmukh

If you are in the food industry you are lucky!

Congratulations, you are amongst the few sectors slated to grow despite the slowdown caused by the covid19 pandemic.

People are buying food and food items like never before!

Globally, packaged foods are more in demand, because of the promise of hygiene and longer shelf life (Source: https://wmich.edu/news/2020/03/58581)).

Families are home, consuming almost 2 to 3 times more than their pre-lockdown rate. A recent IFIC survey states, “Respondents say they are snacking more (32%), washing fresh produce more often (30%) and thinking about food more than usual (27%)” in these COVID times.

But not all will flourish equally. The ones who know what to change and when to change and adapt quickly will move forward faster than those who don’t.

Shopping patterns have changed, general trade (kirana) is booming, online is booming. On the other hand, buyers are consuming data in a whole new way and traditional channels of advertising are losing steam. In this context, your packaging has to work doubly hard!

Here are 5 things you can do, to ensure your packaging moves ahead:

1. Is your brand clearly visible on the packaging?

Sometimes we get carried away by all the things that digital tools offer, and we tend to over-complicate our logos. While all the effects look great on the screen, most of them get lost due to production and printing limitations, ultimately making your logo weak on the shelf. This especially holds true in a dimly-lit kirana store, where the buyer is a good 10-feet away or on an e-commerce site, where your product as seen by the buyer is only a couple of inches.

aw the error of complexity in the redesigned logo
Kraft reverted to its original clarity after the marketeers saw the error of complexity in the redesigned logo

Tip 1: Keep the brand name bold. Stay clear off too many digital effects such as complicated gradients, shadows and bevels.

2. Do people know what you are selling?

Be it a big image or a big text, or colour, people should know exactly what it is that you are selling, in a glance. In this lockdown time, I was forced to buy another brand of cocoa powder due to unavailability. My regular brand is “unsweetened” powder, so it came as a rude shock when my dish turned out to be too sweet; this new brand I had purchased, had added sugar. They just lost a customer forever.

Being absolutely upfront and clear about what your product is, helps build trust.