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The Ask

Our collaboration with Organic Tattva has involved revamping the brand’s packaging design for an extensive line of products. The purpose of doing so is to establish Organic Tattva as a responsible brand of authentic organic products and help consumers make a lifestyle shift.

The Objective

The phrase ‘organic food’ hardly comes as a surprise, thanks to a growing number of health-conscious consumers in India. However, the better consumers identify with a brand and its purpose, the greater are their chances of being convinced by what it has to say. With this fundamental insight, we embarked upon a packaging revamp for Organic Tattva, a brand that promises 100%, certified organic food.

The Target Audience

In recent years, India has witnessed a growing number of mindful consumers who are keen to switch to a healthier way of living, through the food they consume. This demographic was our target audience; young and urban, in sync with changing times, between the ages of 28 and 38, belonging to nuclear families.

Our Solution

Drawing from market insights on packaging, we inferred that consumers are naturally prone to trust products that exhibit minimal design and information on the packaging. Thus, we developed a colour palette of earthy shades for the brand’s identity, in line with the brand’s values.

In a sharp contrast, the clean packaging design bears a palette of bright and fresh colours; each colour for a different product type. We created distinct graphics of leaves, illustrations, icons and textures that make the packaging more relatable to the urban target audience.

A transparent window on the front of pack of the pulses range showcases the superior quality of the products.

Finally, we used strategically worded, minimal content on the front and back of packs to reiterate the authenticity of the products. This, we complemented with a strong tagline ‘A Natural Way of Life’, eventually tying in sustainable farming, the core of Organic Tattva’s narrative!
Our on-going synergy with Organic Tatta has led us to design a host of packaging for products such as ready-to-cook meals, masalas, cereals, and superfoods. In the ready-to-cook packaging, we carried forward the leaf graphics and set these with eye-catching background colours. We deftly complemented this with drool-worthy photographs and descriptions of the food.

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