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From Brick to Click in 60 Days: Create a Visual Splash

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Welcome to Week 3 of our series, Brick to Click in 60 Days. We’re back… with some incredibly actionable plans for you, to create your e-commerce website.

If you have missed catching our Week 2 plan, ‘Let’s Create Experiences’, we recommend you first check out that blog here.

This week let’s dive into a sea of dramatic visuals and website designs, to create quite an impact with your customers. Read on!

Design an Interactive and Intuitive Website: In the virtual world, customers can’t touch and feel your products. But, you still need to afford them the experience of being able to do so. A well-designed website will facilitate that. But don’t go overboard, the ultimate objective is to make a sale. Often, too many design elements and complicated visuals confuse and distract the customer. Choose colours, white spaces, fonts, graphics, etc. wisely and sparingly. Create interesting actionable elements like a Call to Action (CTA) button that can increase the chances of conversion. Even the smallest navigational glitch can be a huge turn-off, so be sure to catch that early on. Don’t burden the site with too many animations. The speed of loading your site is critical to its success and animations tend to slow a website down. Ensure the website is easy to navigate on a mobile phone. There are more people buying on their phones, than on desktops. Ensure that the way the products are tagged, categorised, and listed makes it easy for a customer to search and navigate your catalogue.

Action Tips:

List down all the functionality required for your website and choose a platform that accommodates these functionalities.

List and categorise your products in line with how buyers search

Choose your brand colours and fonts for the website and stick to it

Create Dramatic Visuals: In a day and age where most e-com websites have almost identical wireframes, the thing that will set you apart is your imagery. Because that will remain unique to your products. And as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ It is also true that a customer’s shopping journey is almost always an emotional one. Combine the two, and what you get is a feast for the eyes and fodder for the brain! See what we are getting at? Compelling photographs, self-explanatory infographics, intelligent tables, and graphs are just some of the many graphic ways you can engage with your customers and create great appeal for your website.

Action Tips:

Choose a photography style and guidelines to ensure all your imagery looks consistent. Very differently styled photographs tend to make the website look cluttered.

Break down your content and identify pieces of content that can be made into a video or infographic.

Key takeaway: If you want to sell online, a bland website is never your solution! Find the perfect mix of drama without compromising the loading speed. Don’t hold back on doing a custom shoot of all products, to ensure that your imagery is consistent.

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