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Intelligent insights and innovative thinking lead us to unlocking potential for businesses.
We define frameworks for growth that enable brands to achieve Big Hairy Audacious Goals.


We empower you to make informed decisions by leveraging big data and identifying key consumer trends to map your brand’s market potential and growth trajectory.

Need gap analysis and consumer mapping

Cultural intelligence combined with user centric research help us identify untapped opportunities and create a Blue Ocean Strategy for your brand. 

Value proposition and brand positioning

Why should consumers buy your brand? We answer this all too critical question by defining a strong value proposition and crafting a brand positioning that will speak the language of the consumer.


We help you weave the right story to find common ground with your consumers and build an enduring relationship with them.


Just like in nature, a brand needs a strong eco-system to thrive. We bring the brand to life, building each touchpoint in sync with the other to create cohesive experiences. 

Brand ecosystems
Naming and

We help you kick off your brand building journey, with a singular and evocative name, capable of arousing strong brand recall.

Brand identity system and guidelines 

Your brand’s identity is more than just a logo. We build identity systems and brand architecture that define every aspect of a brand's visual look and feel to ensure consumers can easily identify and recognize your brand no matter how crowded the market.


Meaningful, well-crafted experiences have the power to engage audiences both internal and external. We help you create winning experiences that have a positive influence on stakeholders and your bottom line.


We design packaging that helps you win. We know that a brand gets less that 7 seconds in a store, maybe even less in an e-commerce space to make a first impression. Packaging is the most important marketing tool and we ensure you get the best return on investment by designing packaging that connects with your consumer.


We leverage powerful messaging and systematic planning to help brands educate, motivate, inspire and connect with their consumers, forging lasting relationships. 

Consumer egagement
Web experience design & SEO

We build intuitive UX and UI, combining them with effective communication and appropriate technology to give your brand a strong presence in the digital world.  


How should you launch your brand? What is the right platform? Should it be a soft launch or do you make a big splash? We help you plan a launch that is in sync with your business objectives and your budget.


Besides creating a strong presence for your brand on social media platforms we leverage our understanding of consumer behaviour in the ever evolving digital world to plan and execute the best strategies to make your brand viral.

On-ground marketing & retail activation

From innovative point-of-sale merchandise to attractive displays, our strategies and design expertise ensure that your brand stands out prominently, in an otherwise crowded store environment. 


We find the sweet-spot between user centric design, applicable technology and business targets to design future ready products that are high on functional and aspirational value.

Product design + innovation
New product

We help brands innovate to deal with market shifts brought about by changing lifestyles, identifying need-gaps to design products and experiences that help businesses redefine the game.

Styling and

We help you strike the perfect balance between form and function to make your product aspirational and veer consumer choice in your brand’s favour. 

Product design for functionality 

Addressing pertinent questions; who is the user, what are their needs, how can we address them, enables us to design products that consumers love and that deliver long-lasting value for businesses.

Process / cost optimisation

Relooking at production processes, improving workflows, optimising product design and materials used can lead to more efficient and competitive products that deliver greater profitability for businesses.


Let's Work Together

All relationships start with a conversation. Call us for a quick chat and we can talk about how to begin ours. 

Call Dhun on +91 9881739810

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