A comparative study of youth in India and Sweden, the object of the project taken up in partnership with Quattroporte, Sweden was to understand the mindset and value systems of the youth born in and after 1990 in both countries.


The objective of this study was to map insights on emerging values, consumption habits, and gain a deeper comprehension of life in the future with an emphasis on trends for sectors such as Retail, Tourism, Hospitality and Communication.


We deployed qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ensure collection of rich that needed was both in-depth and extensive. Working closely with Quattroporte, also deploying the same study in Sweden, the research study was designed to probe deep into the psyche of the youth.


Focus Group discussions were used to create an interactive platform where youth from the ages of 13 to 20 could share ideas, perceptions and their vision for the future. A whole range of visual and verbal stimuli were used to encourage discussions and help the participants build future scenarios.


The study brought to light many interesting insights and comparisons. Technology and globalization are making the world a smaller more homogenous place. To an extent there is a convergence of ideas. However immediate context, environment and cultural background have a strong impact on the value systems which remain distinctly different. 

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