Vadilal Quick Treat wanted to reposition their export range of ice-creams to compete in the premium segment while bringing the pure milk differentiator in focus.


Analysis of the existing packaging revealed that buyers were unable to identify Vadilal on the shelf, due to lack of a distinct character. With this objective being identified, the task ahead became focused and decisive. Recommending a strong brand colour, unique to the shelf, helped Vadilal to command attention in the freezer.


Spontaneous free flowing imagery with minimal design elements became the central theme of the pack and pegged the brand in the premium segment while powerfully establishing the milk connotation.

In our role as brand custodians we continue to work on the new product launches and partner in the growth of the Vadilal Quick Treat range.

Frozen Mithai and Mithai Ice cream

Coining the name Sweets of India, we enabled Vadilal Quick treats to club two entirely different categories of products, creating a strong synergy between the Frozen Mithai and Mithai Ice-cream ranges. Strong colour variants juxtaposed with pure white and delicate gold brought out a mix of vibrant Indian-ness and minimalist sensibilities. The milk positioning established in the premium ice-cream range was carried forward in the milk variants of mithais. 


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