CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.
The Ask

To create individual brand names and develop the branding and packaging for an all-new range of carbonated beverages.

The Objective

CavinKare is renowned for democratising personal care and consumer products in India and has always carried forward this ethos across their range of products. When the company entered the non-alcoholic beverages market, we sought to highlight the inimitability of regionally-inspired flavours that satisfied consumer taste buds, while creating a brand image that would hold its own against prevalent national and international players.

The Target Audience

Against a backdrop of growing urbanisation, changing lifestyles and an emerging young demographic that makes up almost 50% of the country’s population, our target audience encompassed teens and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 25, both males and females.

Our Solution

What initially started as an exercise in developing a single brand of carbonated drinks by the name of Chillout, culminated into 4 separate brands, one for each flavour/ variant. Thus, were born Runge, Fremon and Joozy Cola too! The names proved to be a good catchy hook.

Working together with the CavinKare team, we brought Club Soda and Panneer (rose) Soda, a south-Indian regional favourite, under the Chillout umbrella. Orange became Runge, fresh lemon became Fremon while the cola variant communicated the goodness of fruity juice and fizzy fun, in Joozy Cola!

Given our young target audience, we chose a vibrant visual language with bold typography, to convey the youthfulness of the brands. Finally, we complemented the consumer belief that fruit juices are healthier than most others, by incorporating the fruit-story into all our communication, through effervescent imagery of fruit that represented the drinks’ direct benefits upfront.

The 200 ml bottle SKU we worked with, required a small label. Hence, it was crucial to make the logo standout and at the same time not make it (the label) look busy. We also created varied marketing collaterals like posters and POSMs that conveyed the goodness of the drinks, through thoughtful claims.

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