Niva Nutrifoods LLP
The Ask

To conceptualise, design, strategise and develop a brand of healthy granola. The scope of work encompassed everything, from the positioning, name and identity, packaging, stationery to all else that is vital to go to market.

The Objective

Fit & Flex Granola is an oat-rich, entirely baked breakfast cereal by Ahmedabad-based Niva Nutrifoods LLP that promises consumers wholesome fitness. Seeking to appeal to a woke audience that is driven by purpose, is mindful of consumption patterns, and seeks out information about the foods consumed, our intent was to make the brand’s messaging fundamental to the entire brand building exercise.

The Target Audience

Our market research across four Indian cities led us to infer that fitness-conscious consumers aged 28 to 45-years are committed to a wholesome lifestyle. Our aim, thus, was to empower them to make a lifestyle shift - from binge eating to healthy eating.

Our Solution

We collaborated with Niva Nutrifoods, to build brand ‘Fit & Flex Granola’, from start to finish! We framed the brand’s ethos, ‘Eat Healthy, Live Well’, so that it (the brand) rings a bell with an audience that is motivated to live and stay fit. Our opportunity lay in the glaring insight that oats are a ‘miracle food’. The fact that granola itself largely contains oats provided the prospect to peg Fit & Flex Granola as healthy. Unlike conventionally manufactured granola however, Fit & Flex Granola is slow-baked and not dried, thus further elevating its positioning to crunchy, along with tasty and healthy, appealing to a mindful and evolved audience.

A tight logo unit and narrow font reinforces a lean and fit identity, while the arrangement of the words themselves suggest flexibility. The logo blends well with the name Fit & Flex, which we coined, to reinforce the very nature of the product. An earthy brown and vibrant orange render the brand as rooted, yet joyful. The unique visual language follows from the concept, ‘Forest of Goodness’ and elicits the idea that just like a forest provides all that we need to flourish, the ingredients of Fit & Flex Granola provide consumers wholesome goodness and nourishment. Further inspirations from decorative styles of paper cutting, enliven the design.

Carrying forward this visual language to the packaging design of each of the granola variants; Mixed Fruit, Mango Coconut, Happy Berries, and Choco Almonds & Cookies, we departed from conventional cereal packaging norms that are dominated by reds, whites, blues and oranges. We chose re-sealable zipper bags to facilitate ease of storage, instead of unwieldy box packing, which consumers are prone to discarding.

Our on-going collaboration with Niva Nutrifoods led us to transcend a design and branding mandate, to supporting brand Fit & Flex in all its marketing endeavours. We consistently represent the brand’s visual language across various marketing kits and collaterals, standees, fliers, brochures, etc., further reinforcing its positioning at every step. Therefore Design also engages in the brand’s promotional endeavours across varied events such as marathons, garba nights, exhibitions (national and international) and more, including a product unveiling at a star-studded event, by athletic icons Mandira Bedi, Irfan Pathan and Parthiv Patel!

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