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Project Snapshot


Develop eye-catching branding, packaging, and in-store graphics for a range of Baskin Robbins products in India.


The Graviss Group, responsible for introducing Indians to some of the finest hospitality brands, launched Baskin Robbins in the country in 1993. Our association with them commenced in 2016, with the mandate to redesign flow wraps for the iconic brand’s ice cream sticks. Since then, we’ve collaborated with Graviss, with a mission to expand their single brand portfolio to a multi-brand one, along the way, offering consumers a varied line of indulgent ice creams and shakes.


Urban audiences of every age, who seek out premium flavours and quality. These are consumers who would most commonly be found picking up an ice cream tub in a super market for the family.


We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the teams at Graviss Group, to develop packaging for very distinct and assorted products. From indulgent ice creams and shakes in a variety of packaging such as sticks, cones and tubs, to developing the in-store graphics for the Baskin Robbins parlours across India, we’ve always focussed on driving an engaging relationship between consumers and their ice creams.


Originally christened ‘Frutopia’ by us, to be reminiscent of an ideal ice cream destination (utopia), this is an exquisite all-fruit ice cream by Baskin Robbins. Available in a host of fresh fruit flavours, the ice cream is available across select retail stores in India and is a part of the brand’s Impulse range of ice creams.

While, the range eventually came to be known as Fresh Fruit Ice Cream, the design rationale we used, remained unchanged across both names. We used dual colours in the packaging, to serve as a strong reminders of the liveliness of the fruits. A delicious scoop of ice cream on the top half of the tub, complemented by enticing imagery of the fruit on the bottom half, enabled us to heighten the instant drool value of the ice cream. The flowy font styling was inspired by the lusciousness and richness of the fruits.  All this, while we retained the trademark Baskin Robbins pink, across the entire packaging, thereby maintaining a strong customer connect.


Pitted against a select collection of world-class ice cream brands, Divinez is a part of Baskin Robbins’ Premium segment, which comprises of exotic signature flavours. Given the competition, we chose to create an elite look and feel for Divinez, with a palette of regal colours. We transformed the trademark BR pink to a darker shade, almost leaning towards magenta or burgundy. This, we complemented with elegant and minimal typography to lend the packaging a sophisticated air. Looking to showcase the product/ flavour as the hero of the pack, we used enticing photographs, to stand out boldly against the dark background.


To coincide with India’s festive calendar, Baskin Robbins introduced Bon Bons, a collection of indulgent chocolates. Our study pointed out that gifting perceptions in India are essentially driven by the size of the gift itself. People are inclined to equate a larger gift with a higher monetary value. Thus, our packaging design needed to be evocative of the high value of the chocolates.

We adopted a celebratory mood to lend an air of exquisiteness, in our packaging design. We achieved this through a uniquely-designed, lightweight box that easy to carry, while continuing to exude a sophisticated charm.

An unusually long internal pouch size allowed us to create height for the box. We used dark colours to enhance the pack, so that it would stand apart on retail shelves.

We created a unique step display, for each pouch to be visible explicitly, while allowing for it to be accessed easily. We also chose to use single colour printing on the pouch, thus reducing costs, without compromising on the packaging’s plush metallic finish.

A matte finish complemented by glossy UV Spot over the product image, further accentuated the drool factor, evoking the packaging’s perceived luxurious value.

Our distinctive design allowed the lid or the box to fit at a cross angle on top of the bottom container, lending it a very contemporary look and feel.

Finally, we used enticing photography, suggestive of the supreme quality of the ingredients and the chocolates themselves. This allowed us to position Bon Bons as very high on quality.


Baskin Robbins has the distinction of being the largest ice cream retail chain in India, with over 725 stores, across 190 cities. We had the mandate, to design the in-store graphics for these retail outlets. It was important that we bring forth the brand’s trademark character of being affable and innovative, while spreading happiness through its many flavours. Our communication had to evoke emotion in the buyers, around the themes of ‘indulgence’, ‘celebration’, and ‘refreshing’.

We wanted that customers walking into a Baskin Robbins store should be lured into making a purchase. This we achieved, through a frame with evocative coined words that have an emotive ring to them, at the entrance of the stores. The idea we wished to convey was, ‘Happyness Starts Here’ that hailed customers as they walked in.

Since Baskin Robbins specialises in the ‘Flavor of the Month’, we used product shots, complemented with equally engaging and quirky lines that described the products. These, we strategically showcased behind the counter as backlit displays. We also depicted the emotive value through eye-catching people-oriented photographs, displayed on the walls of the stores.

In line with the brand language, we created backlit displays with icons that were both minimal and contemporary. These icons showcased the various categories that the stores sold – scoops, sundaes, cakes, thick shakes, waffles, and sticks. We carried the Baskin Robbins brand language to the core, including the colour and a dot pattern, to feature on the counters, and push carts.

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