We created a set of contemporary playing cards that celebrate the exquisite art forms of Miniature Painting and Mughal Architecture. The idea for the beautiful playing cards was sparked by ‘Ganjifa’ – traditional India playing cards introduced by the Mughals.


In antiquity painters and artists were commissioned by kings and courtiers to hand-paint each card. Often embellished in great detail ‘Ganjifa’ sets were a showcase of the artists’ talent and the patrons’ status in society. True objects of art, Ganjifa were also treated as a measure of wealth; given as wedding presents, counted in personal treasuries and even bequeathed in wills.

Intricately designed the circular playing cards bring alive the beauty and grace of the Ganjifa into our modern day lives. Traditional art styles and motifs are integrally adapted to the modern suites that we are familiar with.


Enhancing the interest quotient and character of the cards we have incorporated objects and elements that express the attributes believed to be associated with each of four suites.

Heart - Love & Romance
Diamond Symbol - Wealth or Material Possessions
Club Symbol - Agriculture
Spade Symbol - War


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