OCM is an iconic textile brand that has enjoyed the mindshare of consumers since 1924. With a mission to “become the choice of the ‘new’ India”, OCM was looking at revamping its image in the retail market. 


We created an extensive Winter Style Book for 2014, which was unlike the previous stylebooks they had launched. We identified that the sellers and tailors were major influencers in the buying decisions and hence the stylebook was created looking at their needs and pain points. Used as a tool to create the showcased garments, the stylebook had stitching suggestions and trend forecasts.


The style book itself had tear-away posters which showcased popular cuts and styles that could adorn the tailoring rooms of the retailers.


In 2015, we also created a Summer Style Book for OCM. Winter being the main thrust season for the suiting brand, the budgets for the summer style book were a constraint. Stitching full suits and brining in models was not in question. Working closely with a stylist we created a style of draping the fabric that created the impression of a suit. The images were complemented with fashion illustrations to exemplify the cuts in vogue. 


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