Mother’s Recipe, a brand of pickles, pastes, ready-to-cook mixes, ready-to-eat foods and papads is popular for its time-honoured recipes using high-quality ingredients. Deeply rooted in Indian culture and blended with the magic of a mother’s love, Mother's Recipe represents the delicious union of authentic taste with rich tradition. The CTC range (chilli, turmeric and coriander) is a new and recent addition to the Mother’s Recipe product portfolio.


While products by Mother’s Recipe are commonly seen and recognised on supermarket shelves and stand-alone grocery stores, it was necessary to make consumers aware of the availability of the CTC range in the market. It was also important that the products are easily sighted on retail shelves, as well as inside kitchen and refrigerator cabinets at home, where they are commonly stored.


A distinctly Indian and homely look and feel to the packaging manifests the intrinsic nature of the products, while also making it relatable to the modern urban consumer. A transparent window on the front of pack allows consumers to look at the product they are buying, while also emphasising the freshness and purity of the CTC range. Traditional Indian motifs, the use of bright colours and the image of a mortar and pestle conventionally used to pound spices in Indian kitchens, further enhance the visual appeal of the packaging.


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