Mo’plleez, from the house of Haldiram’s is a crowd-winner that has been crafted to meet the demands of the international market. Available in over 15 countries across the globe, Mo’plleez offers a range of namkeens and sweets, in addition to ready-to-eat, frozen meals such as curries, rice, and Indian bread. Wrappo by Mo’plleez, is a recent addition to this, in the ready-to-eat market.


While it was necessary for Wrappo to adopt a distinctly Indian or desi identity, it was also imperative to position it as very handy and relatable to, especially for younger consumers. Hence, the name, a contemporary take on the word 'wrap' also serves as a spin-off on the word rapport. Its à la mode packing is visually very vibrant and demonstrates an intense level of energy often associated with youth, in addition to being extremely convenient to hold and carry around. 



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