Footwear for Salt-pan Workers

It started out as a college exercise in ethnographic research with the salt pan workers of Kutch, mapping their daily lives and routines. We found health and cultural issues due to over exposure to saline water. High incidence of blood pressure, calcification of feet due to which cremation remained incomplete.


There was a need for protective footgear, a solution that would be socially, topographically and culturally relevant. The government provided the workers with gum-boots, absolutely unusable in the sandy terrain and 50OC heat of the Kutch desert.


The solution we designed was a sock / shoe created using canvas, waterproof, breathable yet affordable with a water proof zip that takes the shape of the foot of the person who is wearing. The ability to open out the shoe means that the workers can easily wash and dry out the footwear before re-using the next day.


Designed so that it can easily be created in the village, we are looking to partner with the right channel / institution to take forward the solution from prototype to reality.

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