India Design Mark symbolizes product excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing and socially responsible. India Design Mark is a design standard not a contest. 

Every year this mark is awarded to the worthy applicants through an extensive jury process. As part of the jury process, an exhibition of all the products that qualify for Round 2 is set up so that jury members can see, touch and experience the products they are evaluating. Post the jury, the exhibition is opened to the public, but ony the products the products that qualify are showcased. Hence, the exhibition has to be re-hashed overnight, to look complete in itself, with an uncertain number of products.

The exhibition was jointly curated by Therefore Design and Figments for two consecutive years in Pune, before it moved to other locations

Imark 2013


The first in its series, the theme of this exhibition was recyclable. We achieved this using a modular system of corrugated and ply. The complete exhibit system was assembled without any glue and nails, thus enabling all the material to be reused and recycled.

The information system carried forward a raw look to match the materials. Being the first of its kind, open to public initiative to promote design, there was a need to make the exhibition informative. This work developed for this exhibition set the tonality and brand language for all future endeavours of IMark.

Imark 2014

Armed with the experience of the previous year, this exhibition was designed with the objective to make the exhibition more dynamic and manoeuvrable. The exhibits were places on corrugated boxes, which allowed us to re-layout the exhibition easily after the jury selection.


A colour coding system was done to categorize the products, which not only helped in the jury process but also gave a better understanding to the visitors regarding the type of products that were featured. The theme of exhibition this year was minimal white with accents for coding. 



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