Beginning in 1985, Hansa Global has grown to become one of the most respected total solution provider for both On-highway and Off-highway applications with multi-product and multi-service operations spread across East & Central Africa and India. Supporting Hansa’s vast operations across a global footprint was a passionate integrated shared services division based out of India.

In 2016, the division began exploring its potential to offer a wide gamut of services, to external clients. The challenge was an interesting one, never before had the division have to go out and sell itself.

We began working with the team to consolidate and formalize their processes. As we mined the rich data and experience, a unique engagement model with the potential to be a key differentiator emerged. Thus was born TOTOSOL, a flexible framework designed to help Hansa truly partner with its customers to provide holistic solutions.

The next step was to translate the strategic context into a visual manifestation. The brand’s vision encompassed working with start-ups, helping them to scale operations seamlessly as they grew. It was important for the brand to project its knowledge while maintaining an approachable aura.

Working closely with Hansa’s team we developed a tone of voice that expressed the brand’s offering in easy to understand language without diluting the fundamental knowledge base. A vibrant visual style, rich with icons was designed to help break down the heavy and sometimes overtly technical information.


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