Our engagement with Haldiram's started with the design of packaging for a single product range, Frozen Foods for the export market. In due course of time we have worked with Haldiram's on over 15 distinct product lines adding value through design to impact the way the products are perceived. The challenge with Haldiram's is to have a mass appeal for the brand, while cueing premium-ness in certain ranges. We have worked with the teams at Haldiram's to create solutions that range from developing a low cost snack for kids to a range of premium Belgian chocolates for the uber urban audience. 

Mithai Range

Haldiram's, synonymous with some of the finest Indian sweets, and an integral part of buying and gifting mithai (sweets) needed a packaging revamp for their sweets range.  


Inspired by traditional Mughal craft - Parchin Kari that involves inlaying tiny pieces of coloured marble or semi-precious stones into a solid surface in a geometric or floral pattern, we adopted a minimalistic look and feel to the packaging. This regal look and feel resonated with the back of pack story of ‘Sweets from the Royal Kitchen’. Prominent HD photography, combined with rich colour gradients on the pack, further highlighted the fine quality of the mithai. Succinct descriptions for each product mentioned on the sides of pack, completed the entire design, making the packaging stand apart across retail shelves.

Moong Dal

Moong Dal, a popular snack category of Haldiram’s, has always served as a wonderful savoury snack that can be munched on just about anytime, anywhere! Having dominated the market space for many years as a fried snack, it was imperative to give it a healthy twist and promote it as a snack that was protein-rich.


To promote Haldiram's Moong Dal as a healthy snack, a new look was needed that would highlight its virtues and health benefits. The back of the pack was also used to highlight the fact that this product employs an environmentally sustainable form of manufacturing, entirely powered by solar energy.


While it was important to retain the popular green look and feel that the original packaging has been identified with over the years, it was necessary to also lend a more contemporary feel, keeping with current market trends. Another constant was the image of the product on the front of the pack that Haldiram's products are associated with.

Thandai Range

Beverages was a relatively new category for Haldiram's. Having been around in the category for a few years, a refresh was required for the products to upgrade itself when compared to the competition. Luscious milk splashes and a distinguishing unit were created to communicate the richness of the product.

Tinned Sweets

The ubiquitous Haldiram's Rasgulla Tin was up for a make-over. Nothing compliments the richness of the product other than cues of royalty. Inspired by Mughal miniature art, we selected depictions of royal animals in ceremonial attire as the motif for the product range.

Chai Time

Haldirams was launching a whole range of Mathris, commonly consumed tea time snack. The range needed to connect with a younger, evolving audience. An elegant combination of illustration and product photography bring alive the story and rituals of tea time in a memorable way.

Haldiram da Dhaba

Haldiram's wanted to introduce their home-style gravy delicacies with a rustic and authentic feel. The quintessential North India Dhaba was our inspiration. No better place to get your fix of delicious yet home-style food.  This idea was merged with Indian truck art that has a kitsch value while being internationally popular as “Indian”.


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