Fit & Flex Granola

Fit & Flex Granola is an oat-rich, entirely baked breakfast cereal that promises consumers, wholesome fitness. Packed with nutrients and real fruit, it aims to empower a growing number of fitness enthusiasts to make a lifestyle shift – from binge eating to healthy eating.

Therefore Design collaborated with Niva Nutrifoods to build brand ‘Fit & Flex Granola’, end to end! 


To conceptualise, design and develop a brand of healthy Granola, to include the positioning, name and identity, packaging, stationery and everything vital to go to market. 


Our market research across four Indian cities led us to infer that fitness-conscious consumers aged 28 to 45-years are committed to a healthy lifestyle, are driven by purpose and are mindful about their consumption patterns. They seek definitive information about health foods, thus making the quality of messaging fundamental to the brand building exercise.

Our Solution

Seeking to appeal to an audience that is motivated to live and stay fit, we framed a brand ethos of ‘Eat Healthy, Live Well’. Our opportunity lay in the glaring insight that oats are ‘miracle food’. The fact that granola itself largely contains oats provided the prospect to peg Fit & Flex Granola as healthy. Unlike conventionally manufactured granola, however, Fit & Flex Granola is slow-baked and not dried, thus further elevating its positioning to nourishing, tasty and crunchy, and appealing to a mindful audience. 

I have to say I particularly connect with the name. I think the name is fantastic. Fit & Flex. I like to believe I am fit and I love to flex

Mandira Bedi

Building Brand Fit & Flex

For a brand that promises wholesome fitness and evokes the idea of Food for Life, the name Fit & Flex befittingly elicits the promise of holistic fitness and builds a perception of a contemporary, youthful brand that is focussed on health. 


A tight logo unit and narrow font reinforces a lean and fit identity, while the arrangement of the words themselves suggest flexibility. An earthy brown and vibrant orange render the brand as rooted, yet joyful. 

Bringing Fit & Flex to Life

Our on-going collaboration with Niva Nutrifoods has led us to transcend a mere design and branding mandate, to supporting brand Fit & Flex in all its marketing endeavours. We consistently represent the brand’s visual language across varied touchpoints, including an audio signature.


Approaching brand Fit & Flex in a holistic manner, we have positioned it to elicit a strong customer connect and recall value, ensuring consistent brand delivery, be it in the digital space like an e-commerce website and social media, or on-ground such as retail activation kits and exhibition design. Our marketing engagements are poised to energise both online and offline channels pan India, ultimately empowering consumers to make mindful choices and that much-needed lifestyle shift - from binge eating to healthy eating!


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