When it came to a whole pre-cut chicken, pre-conceived notions were deterring consumers from buying the product in a tray format. To address this issue we decided to make the product available in a format more akin to what was available in the market and what consumers were familiar with. Keeping our signature yellow and blue, a simple design that focused on the product and afforded greater product visibility was created.



A study of how the chicken was packed in the factory revealed that the existing label orientation was not optimum. A new pack orientation was worked out to address functional issues and improve visibility of the chicken. Pack colours were augmented to enhance the appeal of the packed chicken. Salient points were brought upfront to influence consumer buying at the store.


The result – sales of this range have significantly improved with more stores accepting to retail the product.

Fresh Chilled Range
Whole Pre-cut Chicken
Marketing Communication & POSM

Taking inspiration from the tagline ‘Bring Home the Smile’, the positioning, marketing communication and POSM for :Delicious is lively with a smart play of words that energizes the brand with a youthful spirit.  

Frozen Processed Range

A refresh of the :Delicious packaging was needed to position the brand in the premium category and to increase engagement and recall with consumers. A study of the freezers revealed that most players in the category had an almost identical range of products. With the image accounting for almost 30% percent of the pack and category colours of yellow and red, brand differentiation was a critical challenge.


Defying the standard norms of packaging, we focused on the product name rather than the image, which only plays a supporting role. Bold 3D text was designed to create an iconic, own-able element, that worked to garner attention and improve recall. This differentiated style was further amplified by the use of minimal colours also upping the premium appeal of the pack. 


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