Set up in 2009, Equal Community Foundation (ECF) is an NGO working towards ending violence against women. For the first year of its operations ECF focused primarily on refining its approach to deal with the sensitive issue of gender equality. By 2010 they had devised a unique model, one that engaged adolescent boys in local communities to tackle the issue.

With this new approach in place ECF’s plan was to scale operations from city wide to nationwide by collaborating with other NGOs working in this sector.


There were two challenges to address; build a brand, that would grow with the organization and retain brand cohesion as the organization evolved. The other to create a brand that would connect with two diverse audiences, people in communities where ECF operated and international donors, the primary source of ECF’s funds.

Through a series of workshops with the core team we evolved the brand thought that would drive the brand and its communication strategy across all touchpoints. For ECF emphasis was on action, the team at ECF saw the issue of equality as a burning one. ‘Action for Equality’ was conceived to reflect this core thought.

Driven by the need to connect with people at the grass roots we made a choice to drop the long name and use only an abbreviation for the identity. Equal in the name was communicated symbolically yet effectively by the most common mathematical representation of the word. 

The most important intervention was that of the brand tool kit. A strategic call was made to not focus on photographs in any of ECF’s communication. The idea was to drive the message home using unpretentious graphics that would help keep the communication factual, rich in detail and help the brand focus on its research driven approach. This shift enabled the brand to tell their stories in simple but powerful ways. 



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