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Design Intervention for Business Success (DIBS)

What is it that companies as diverse as Google, PepsiCo, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Proctor & Gamble, IBM and Dyson have in common, apart from being large corporations, of course? In two simple words, Design Thinking! Each of these companies has adopted Design Thinking, which in turn has impacted their businesses and provided a competitive edge.

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Have you ever stopped to think about how the world around us is defined by design?

The machines we use, the iOS updates that Apple announces, or even something as commonplace as the tomato ketchup squeezy bottle you use for your plate of fries…sound familiar, don’t they?

They are all a part of a design eco-system!

Design is everywhere around us, it’s just that we need to open our minds to it!

Design as is commonly understood, involves ‘making things look pretty and aesthetic’. But, this is less than half of the narrative!



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It involves:

Thinking creatively like a designer

Alter organisational systems, processes, strategies and products, to enhance consumer experiences


Fuel company growth by addressing specific pain points or needs.

Branding & Design Thinking

Businesses and Design Thinking

Think of some of the world’s largest companies, Pepsi and Google for example… the secret to their market dominance lies in Design Thinking! Billion-dollar companies such as Amazon, Uber and Airbnb have arrived at their brands’ promises using Design Thinking. It’s even prompted a home-grown company like ID Fresh Food, to enhance their products with innovative features for better user experiences.

Now, more than ever before, Design Thinking has evolved into a powerful, problem-solving tool not just for designers, but for large and small businesses alike, across the world. It lets you solve problems and arrive at solutions through a journey of discovering, strategizing and implementing!

What is Design Intervention for Business Success (DIBS)

The DIBS Workshop is a hands-on Design Thinking workshop, by Therefore Design. Here you will acquire the skills to navigate complex challenges, arrive at viable solutions, work in collaborative teams and possibly transform your organisational culture to achieve business goals, faster and more consistently.

Design Process

Why Should You Enroll

A recent study by McKinsey showed that Design Thinking can increase revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts. If increasing revenues is one of your business goals, DIBS will tell you how to!


DIBS is designed to help you: 

  • Arrive at exceptional solutions that stand the test of time

  • Create brands and products that resonate with users

  • Arrive at value additions that can create a premium

  • Innovate on newer products

  • Apply the winning formula, each time 

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Who Should Enroll
The DIBS workshop is ideal for professionals and packaging experts of the FMCG sector

  • Brand managers and brand custodians

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs 

Your DIBS Takeaway

The DIBS workshop will empower you to

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Transform organisational cultures and every day working.

Grow your idea pool by collaborating and co-creating with team members.


Rapidly test the viability of an Idea.