Born from the thought of bringing convenience to the traditional practice of flours of India, Future Group launched a brand called Desi Atta Company. With packaging being the most critical driving force for retail sales, we went about defining the visual strategy for the brand.

Single Grain Flours

The rustic kitchen counter of a traditional Indian home, dark mood lighting contrasted with a vibrant brand colour gave the packaging a very distinct look. The brand owned the colour on the shelf. With India being so multilingual, regional names of the products were included on the pack to appeal to local markets.

Ready Mix

While keeping the look and feel same, the ready mixes were given a natural colour to mitigate the connotation of unhealthy, that ready mixes are normally associated with. The top band was reserved to indicate the regional association.


Special attention was given to the information on back of pack. A graphic and crisp visualization of the directions for use, a link to recipes and a prominent product name at the back, were some of the key design decisions for the pack.


A system for packaging design was formulated which streamlined the portfolio expansion and reduced go-to-market time for any new product. Extensive guidelines created for photography, pack architecture and tone of voice helped in consistent pack designs over an extended duration. We also specified the product categorization, hence guiding the product placement in appropriate retail shelves. 


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