Chuk is a brand of disposable tableware products developed from bagasse or agri-residue from the sugar industry. With a vision to make India clean, Yash Papers approached us to design tableware suited for Indian market. The aim was to replace the menace of Styrofoam and plastic, which are used rampantly in the restaurant and catering industry. 

A study of all the disposable tableware products available in the market revealed that most design were borrowed from the West and were not necessarily suitable for Indian foods. Our next step was a detailed study of eating habits, different styles of Indian cuisines and foods normally served in disposable tableware with a focus on in-mall QSRs.

One of the important findings was that since current products were not designed as a range or system, they did not fit well together and inventory management for the restaurant staff was a nightmare.

To be able to develop a system, we derived the lowest common denominator from the research which helped us to generate a comprehensive brief for a systems solution. With the insight of variety and flexibility being a key aspect of Indian eating habits, a modular design was conceptualised.

The bowl was the building block. From there on we developed 9 products in the current range that fit in seamlessly with each other to create a system of numerous permutations and combinations. The next step is to expand the range to create sustainable tableware solutions for different categories of use. 


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