Baskin Robbins is one of the most recognised premium ice cream brands and speciality stores across the globe. In India, it is one of the largest ice cream chains, with a presence in over 190 cities.


Our collaboration with Baskin Robbins began in 2016 when we came on board to partner with them to expand their single brand portfolio to a multi-brand one. We were given the mandate to redesign the flow wraps for the Baskin Robbins ice cream sticks, which otherwise did not have any differentiating factors that made each individual flavour stand out in retail freezers and get noticed.


Over the past two years, we have worked hand-in-hand with the team at Baskin Robbins to develop packaging for a very distinct and varied line of products, of their indulgent range of ice creams, ice cream cakes, shakes and more, across a variety of packaging such as sticks, cones and tubs.  ​


Cool Cake

The name 'Cool Cake' was intended to be a play of words. We used the word 'cool' to imply a chilled/ frozen cake since the product is an ice cream cake. Cool also implies a personality trait that we wished to attribute to the consumer.


We developed a unique styled packaging for this product, which comprises a half sleeve that can be pulled open to reveal a space for a personal note to be written, for the person to whom the cake is to be gifted. 


Enticing top-view imagery and a consistent texture of celebratory icons across the entire packaging were the highlights of the Cool Cake packaging. 


A sub-brand of Cool Cakes, the Singles range comprises of slices of Baskin Robbins' indulgent ice cream cakes. The sense of everyday celebration and joy that are integral to the larger variant was extended to the packaging for Slices. 


Prominent top-view imagery of cake slices, along with a 'wood texture' for the background (that was reminiscent of a bakery), helped emphasise the 'cake' element of the product, without losing its primary essence of

an ice cream.


Frutopia is an exquisite all-fruit ice cream range by Baskin Robbins that is part of their 'impulse' selection, available across retail stores in India.


We arrived at the name Frutopia, as a combination of the words Fruit + Utopia, indicating that Frutopia is the ideal destination for fruity delights. This helped emphasise the high-fruit content in the ice cream and its quality ingredients.  


The dual colours used for the packaging of the two vibrant flavours - Very Berry Strawberry and Pink Guava served as strong reminders of the liveliness these flavours are associated with. We used tempting 'exploding' imagery of fruit on the bottom half of the packaging and imagery of the ice cream on the top half, thereby increasing the instant drool value of the consumers. The font styling was inspired by the lusciousness and richness of the fruits. 

All this, while we retained the trademark Baskin Robbins pink colour across the entire packaging, thereby maintaining a strong customer connect.


Brownies are supposed the be fun and indulgent. They are not just great gifting options but are equally wonderful to show a little self-love. With this in mind, we designed a premium looking sleeve for Baskin Robbins' brownies - Chocolate Walnut Brownie and Gooey Chocolate Brownie. 


We stayed true to the Baskin Robbins pink through the entire design, combining it with blue, against a subtle background of polka dots. This helped bring out the absolutely enjoyable and spirited experience that brownies are supposed to elicit. The packaging denotes a very 'young-at-heart' and fun-loving persona, which was easily woven in with the cheerful personality of Baskin Robbins. 

Beyond Packaging 

Packaging design is however not all that we do for Baskin Robbins! Our partnership with them has also led us to revamp their retail stores, with a vision to integrate the overall brand experience into the (retail) space. For this, we created myriad touchpoints that were positioned within the store, to provide customers with a seamless experience through the entire purchase process. 


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