Bankit is backed by Aadhaarshila, a company credited with being a part of the Aadhaar card implementation in India.


Conceptualised to address a very specific need-gap, the objective with Bankit was​


The project entailed 360-degree application of the brand in space, three types of online portals for retailers, distributors and users, as well as an app.

Our first challenge was finding a suitable name and developing an identity that the target would be able to understand and trust, the two major hurdles for the target to even consider trying or using such as service. Blue was chosen to be the brand colour for its trust inducing quality and its strong association with the banking sector. 


Extensive testing with the users helped us to validate the premise and give us the confidence that we were moving in the right direction. 

With the interface for the portals and applications our focus was not only a user friendly experience but boosting confidence and trust with each step of the process. We worked closely with the client teams to ensure a UI & UX that was devoid of any unnecessary flourishes, looked robust, secure and was easy to navigate.


For the kiosk / shop in shop we created positive and empowering messaging to position the brand as partners in the peoples progress. 


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