A dominant player in the home segment, Asian Paints was looking to strengthen its reach in potential growth segments for paint. A project that spanned three years, we partnered with the company to explore and map the potential of three diverse segments through in-depth primary and secondary research. 

Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

Interactions with the dealers and sales team pointed us to the most critical stakeholder in the painting process for Hospitals – the Hospital Administrator.

Visits to hospitals across Pune and comprehensive interviews with Administrators helped us to identify pain points. In repainting scenarios where no AIDs were involved in the process choosing a paint product, shades and monitoring the painting for quality were hurdles.


A key insight was that Hospitals are not painted all at once, but in piecemeal with each section being painted in isolation. Hence selling needed to be very targeted to the current requirement rather than pushing an entire bouquet of products.


A parallel study in the role of colour in the health and wellbeing of patients helped us curate the shade cards for different spaces within the hospital.

As an outcome of our research we developed a comprehensive marketing tool target to Hospital.

Educational Spaces

We defined a twofold purpose for our research in educational spaces; 1) to understand the stakeholders and concerns involved in the painting process, 2) to understand how colour should be used in educational institutions.


Different categories / scales of institutions were documented visually to understand painting cycles, and the scenario on ground. To get different perspectives we interviewed not only architects but also trustees and administration of educations institutions. Exhaustive desk research on colour psychology in education, gave us insights pertinent to the impact of colour on student behaviour and learning.


The result was a comprehensive document with insights that would help AP gain a stronger foothold in this segment.


Office Spaces

Continuing to explore different sectors, we designed a research study to understand usage of colour in office spaces for Asian Paints.


As the segment was witnessing a flurry of experimentation our study was focused on garnering trends in office spaces that would inform Asian Paints marketing strategy for this sector.


The significant outcome of this research was an emergence of four key types and styles of office spaces currently prevalent in India based on the type of business, culture and organization hierarchy.


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