As Chefs Cook is a culinary brand that aims to fulfil the need-gap for aspiring master chefs to experiment with different cuisines in their kitchen.

Our first project was to create the brand story and position As Chefs Cook. We zeroed in on Aspirers as the target group, with global travel, exposure to the culinary wave and the desire to experiment, Aspirers were the right audience. Our inspiration came from the world of painting so akin to culinary art. A bold stroke, signature of the master painter or in our case a master chef.


A range of Indian marinades was the first packaging we designed for As Chefs Cook.

The pack structure was constructed to give consumers the feeling of unravelling a mystery or a treasure. A special window highlighted the core ingredient. As the product was a new category in itself, the name was prioritised to garner maximum attention and establish a strong shelf presence. Bold colour bands were used as a key feature of the pack communication.


As the marinades gained traction in the market its format needed to evolve to enable economies of scale. The learning was that packaging for start-ups should be flexible enabling iteration and evolution as the brand grows.

Daily Pastes

While the marinades were doing very well, it was not a regular use product which restricted consumers’ interactions with the brand. To tackle this issue a range of daily cooking pastes were introduced. The challenge was to retain the differentiated and premium feel of the brand while garnering a wider appeal. The cold colour bands on a rich yellow background, helped to increased shelf throw while retaining a strong connect with the marinades.

Simmer Sauces

Created for the international market, this packaging for this range was designed to capitalise on the vibrant and shimmering colours associated with India. A typographic approach in which the recipe is in the spotlight. 

Biryani Masala Box

Dum Biryani Masala paste facilitates home-cooks in cooking up an authentic biryani at home. The most critical function of the packaging was to tackle consumers' fear of cooking biryani and get them to try the product.


We zeroed in on a square box for a playful feel to make the product less intimidating. The multiple surfaces were exploited to potential with the use of bold typography combined with simple, instructions that broke down the biryani making process. Striking orange hinted at the full bodied flavour of the masala. Collapsible structure = cost effective and easy to use. 

Marketing material for Gulf Food

Created specifically for the Gulf Food exhibition in Dubai, the catalogue is a reflection of the banded language and bold colours that act as a binding thread for all the product packaging of As Chefs Cook. 

A unique handcrafted limited edition giveaway was crafted for the dealers and stockists to carry away. Created by an artist, this miniature ceramic model of all the products encased in a wood and acrylic dome became a memorable touchpoint and a point of conversation.

Special thanks to Maithili Prabhu for her patience and un-surpassed skill.


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