It’s hardly a secret that we Indians love to snack! From gorging on famous regional favourites to picking out packaged snack brands from retail shelves, the culture of snacking is almost second nature to us. Such is the demand for snacks that the Indian snacks market has been predicted to cross INR 1 billion by the end of 2024!

The brand name Amul needs absolutely no introduction! Responsible for putting India on the global map as the largest producer of milk, Amul today is akin to its famed tag line, the ‘Taste of India’.

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The Brand

Amul Puffles is a fun, anytime snack that is made from puffcorn (extruded corn snack) and offers consumers value for their money.

The Ask

To create a brand name and develop the packaging design for an all-new snacks range; a first for the Amul portfolio!

Our Solution

With the Indian snack market crowded with brands jostling for space on retail shelves, Amul Puffles needed to stand out from the rest. Because of the product’s puffed structure and unique shape, we chose to name the brand Puffles. Looking to tell the Puffles story through shapes, patterns and colours and bring it to life, we used the key ingredients present in each flavour variant as inspiration to create geometric patterns (of the ingredients). We also came up with the variant names – Cheesy Burst, Tango Tomato, Fiery Peri Peri and Pudina Pataka and developed a BOP story that complements the crunchiness of the snack.


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