As brand custodians for Ajeenkya D Y Patil University we work closely with the university team supporting them in all their design needs for the various marketing initiatives and events. The most critical phase of the project is the admissions cycle. 

At the outset of the association our first undertaking was to develop the brand toolkit. This entailed designing a branding system for the university and the various schools that fall within its purview. Defining the graphic style, colour palette, font family, image styling, iconography and illustration styles completed this phase of our work. 

A critical, recurring phase of the partnership is the admissions cycle each year, where we create a communication strategy that sets the tone for the campaigns to be run that year. A calendar is developed in tandem with student calendars, mapping a media plan with potential intervals when our communication must reach this target. 

Marketing kits have been developed for counsellors for out-reach activities and to assist in their one on one interactions with parents and students. Presentations, generic and specific course brochures, panels are all a part of the kit which is updated each year. 


The Gift a Future kit has been designed and executed as a give-away for prestigious guests to encourage people to contribute to the future generation's education and growth.

Understanding that some students are averse to reading too much content a look-book style prospectus has been created which helps the students envision their life and career at ADYPU.


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