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Jr. Research Analyst

Jr. Research Analyst (positions open-1)

If data mining and numbers excite you, if conducting research on and off the field stimulate you, then you could be the Jr. Research Analyst we are looking for. We expect you to have at least 2 years of experience in carrying out research, especially in the areas of brand health assessment, user profiling and brand/ business strategy.

Experience required: 0-2 years
Location: Pune, Koregaon Park
Areas of expertise: Brand Health Assessment, User Profiling, Brand/ Business Strategy
Also dabbled in: Customer Satisfaction, Concept Testing,

Job Description:
As a Jr. Research Analyst at Therefore Design, you will be required to carry out in-depth and detailed field as well as desk research on different subjects or as may be dictated by the project objective. You will be expected to collate data, analyse it, draw fruitful insights and put it together in a presentable manner so as to positively impact the project. This data will then need to be. You may need to develop the tools for the trade such as develop discussion guides, cue cards, prompts and any other material that aids the research exercise. Additionally, you will be expected to liaison with field agencies to organise field research, carry our regular interactions with the primary research/field survey teams to brief the project requirement to the field researchers and monitor the progress of the fieldwork and plan the execution of the project.

Skills Required:
• Strategic Thinking
• Trend Awareness
• Well-Read and Observant

Must Know:
• MS Word and PowerPoint (MS Office is an advantage)
• Well versed with quantitative and qualitative consumer research approaches
• Strong knowledge of different market research methodologies/survey technique

***Key Performance area***
1. Competitor Survey, Benchmarking
2. Market Survey
3. Strategic Inputs
4. Brainstorming Participation
5. Technical knowledge
6. Executing Deliverables
7. Error Free Delivery
8. Data Back-up, File management

***Key Result Area***
1. Ongoing observation and project analysis
2. Up-to-date with industry trends and trend analysis
3. Macro and micro inputs to projects from systems thinking
4. Lateral thinking and idea generation
5. Formats, Survey techniques, data gathering methodologies
6. Ownership, timeline management, meeting deadlines
7. Spell Check and Grammar also Content Verification and Cross Check
8. Ease of finding files and retrieving information

***Soft skills***
1. Time Management: Achieving deadlines and ability to work on multiple projects, Keeping calm under pressure.
2. Team Management: Team player, support and proactive helper.
3. Expectation Management: Ensuring brief is understood and adhered to, User-centric and customer focus.
4. Communication Skills: Fluency in English, Grammar and syntax.
5. Culture Champions: Team rapport, collaboration, Spokesperson of Therefore Design across public platforms, reputation management.